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Discover the probably easiest feedback tool in the universe. You can use Meenit for customer feedback, quality control, research or idea generation.

Try Meenit today. Ask your clients, team members and friends a question that will bring you forward.
Meenit is free and no registration is required. You won't regret it.

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We all know about the importance of feedback. However, we don't seem to have the time to deal with it properly.

People already juggle a lot of tasks in their professional lives. Especially when they work in small companies and organizations. Hence, the idea of adding a feedback project to your list may appear rather ambitious.

Meenit allows you to start smoothly. With fun, clarity and without big efforts. A Meenit is basically a mini survey with a single question.

A good start might be the following question: "What do you like best about [*your offer here*] and what can we do better?"

Sounds promising? Are you ready? Try it out now!

As easy as one-two-three

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Enter your email address, put a question and add a short note about yourself, if you like. When you're done, we will send you an email with the link to your Meenit.

Share your link

Share the link to your mini survey on your website, on social media, in your newsletter, or wherever you communicate with your audience.

Read the answers

All answers are collected on a single page that is only accessible by you. There you can flag answers as favorites, delete answers and take personal notes.


How Meenit is different from other tools


Our approach to feedback is quite opinionated and we are 100% sure that Meenit is not for everyone.

However, if you're short on time or overwhelmed by creating, sharing, and analyzing a survey questionnaire, Meenit may be the best solution for you.


Refined simplicity

Ease of use is our top priority. A Meenit is created quickly and easily, simple to answer and straightforward to evaluate.


No costs, no account

It is not necessary to create a user account on Meenit and you do not have to pay a dime. Your email address is enough to create a Meenit. If you like to, you can sign up to manage several Meenits in one place or to use the Pro Version.


Concept: "One At A Time"

With Meenit, there is only one question to be put at a time. Surveys are seldom filled out completely anyway. However, you can use several Meenits simultaneously for different purposes or ask different questions every now and then.


Open answers

No stars, no thumbs up, no point system. What do 7 out of 10 points mean anyway without further explanation? With Meenit you get straight answers and ideas that you didn't think of before as well as specific wording, phrases and questions from your target audience.


Simple administration

All answers are collected on one page, where they can be read quickly. If an answer is helpful, mark it as a favorite or write a note about it. If something is pointless, it is quickly removed from the list. Tip: You can easily manage several Meenits with a personal user account.



Answers to a Meenit are generally anonymous. It's easier to be honest behind a mask. Many people prefer to express their opinion that way. If you'd like to get back to people, you can politely ask for contact details using an optional remark.