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Software doesn't build itself as you can probably imagine. Sure, there's a person behind it, usually a team. But even behind the team there are many other people who should be thanked.
People who develop software that we can use for our project, some of them completely free of charge. People who are role models and who inspire us with their own work. People who supported us mentally and financially even before we launched by becoming a founding member or a founding sponsor.
Without all these people Meenit wouldn't exist, that's for sure.

Founders Club

These fine people supported us in a kind of private Kickstarter in the last phase of development. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, dear founding members!

A le Jeune

Alexander Bachmann

André Berthold

Andy Schuett

Anja Schelletter

Annika Wolf


Christian Krone

Christina Hörig


Daniel Dang Triet Vo

Danielle & Jannik

Dr. Daniel Geppert

Friederike & Florian Pfeffer

Holger Knappe


Jojo & Sebbo

Karin & Heinz Gärtner

Kathrin mit h :)

Klaus Häfele


Marco Schelletter


Matthias Hintz


Michael Dammann

Nico Seiberth

Nicole & Michael Dörries

Peter Kinza

Petra & Sylvio Schelletter

Philipp "Phili" H.

Robert P.

Robert Repnak

Sanja Albrecht

Stephan Grönwoldt

Steven Schwerdtner

Sylvia Gärtner

Ursula & Eberhard Schelletter


Founding Sponsors

Our founding sponsors bought the first weekly sponsor banners before our launch and not only showed a good deal of trust in us, but also gave us a little cash injection. Thanks a million for your support!


Experience the unique world of the penguins and swim with them in the Spreewelten bath in Lübbenau, Germany. Visit the new, rustic and modern SpreeweltenHotel, where you can not only spend a wonderful night, but also enjoy fantastic saunas and wellness treatments.


Die Pampi

In addition to clothing for women in typical Scandinavian style, Die Pampi is offering cute, affordable children's fashion, pretty accessories, furniture, great gift ideas and also fashion for men. In their lovingly furnished stores in Hamburg Eimsbüttel and Winterhude you will find an assortment of trendy, modern and classic pieces.

Die Pampi Shop

Hotel Ebusch

The "Host of the Year 2020 in the Spree Forest" in Germany will make your stay in the Spree forest an unforgettable experience. Have a look at the Hotel Ebusch, the 4-star boutique hotel in the historic old town of Lübbenau.

Hotel Ebusch


Create your bespoke knitwear or accessories and send it to the online knitting machine by Woollaa. Choose between scarves, baby blankets, pillows or just look for gift ideas – made for you personally.

Woollaa Shop

meroo consulting

Consultants are a dime a dozen. Take a look at the difference meroo can make in supporting organizations and people - and how you and your organization can benefit from it.

meroo consulting

Optiko Consulting

Optimal financial advice in the areas of real estate financing, investments, pensions, health insurance and property insurance. Optiko analyzes your current financial situation and plans the implementation of your wishes and goals.

Optiko Consulting


Tools and Services

We use the following software and services in our daily work on Meenit. We are grateful for everyone who has developed it and keeps it running.

These links are affiliate links. If you use one of these links to make a purchase, we might get a small commission. This comes at no additional cost to you.



Thank you for being awesome role models in business and life. We love your creativity and knowledge. Each one of you is an inspiration for so many people. Keep up the great work.

Aaron Draplin

Adam Savage

Andreas Antonopolous

Caroline & Jason Zook

Casey Neistat

David Heinemeier Hansson & Jason Fried

Derek Sivers

Fynn Kliemann

James Altucher

LeBron James

Marques Brownlee

Mr Money Mustache

Noah Kagan

Pat Flynn

Ramit Sethi

Tarek Müller

Tim Ferriss



Written and performed by Marodeur

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